The Top Wedding Trends in 2017

From colour palettes to candid snaps, there are some clear stand out trends to follow for weddings in 2017. Although it is important to make your own mark and stand out from the crowd, these trends are too close to perfection to not take note! So if you’re looking to wed in the 17/18 season, brides-to-be fear not, we’ve got you covered!

Photo by Carmen Santorelli; Floral by Oak And The Owl

Photo by Concept Photography

1. Greenery

Lush, gregarious greenery displays are all the rage right now. Gone are the days of manicured floral displays, having made way for the overgrown, ethereal approach to wedding greenery.


2. Blush Receptions

Think pink! Blush colour palettes are back with a vengeance this year and the more you take on this trend, the better! Think soft, gentle tones but in abundance – too much is never enough!


Doxa Visual for Little White

3. Slinky Gowns

With “tradition” on the way out in all measures, we’re welcoming another season of beautiful, flowing gowns that celebrate the modern woman and her figure. Slinky gowns give brides the opportunity to show off their best assets and tap in to their feminine side.

Cake: Charlie’s Dessert House // Photo: Doxa Visual

4. Naked Cakes

Say goodbye to structure! In many ways the rustic look for weddings is back this year with full force and there is no better way to showcase this than with a naked cake. The cake is covered in a light layer of buttercream to seal the moisture, topped with natural flowers and earthy tones. Plus, they’re an arm and a leg cheaper!


Cupcakes + Macarons: Charlie’s Dessert House // Photo: Doxa Visual

5. Ditching the Cake

Naked cake or no cake? The whole concept of a wedding cake has been on the outs over the past year and in 2017 this trend will continue to take over. “Sweets Buffets” are back in full force, with the wedding cake being replaced by the likes of a macaron tower, cupcake tower or doughnut walls. This is another great way to save some pennies and spend them elsewhere on your wedding day.


6. Drip Cakes

For all occasions drip cakes are back for another year running, taking over weddings, birthdays, bridal showers and everything in between. Drip cakes are a great way to showcase something a little fancy, without the cost of a traditional wedding cake (how cute is this naked drip cake!?)


7. Gold Accents

The silverware is out and the elegance a touch of gold brings is to be seen everywhere (in small doses). Adding gold accents will give your wedding reception an immediate spruce up, especially if you’re looking for that magical touch. From gold cutlery to sparkly crockery, you’ll be sure to see an addition of elegance at wedding receptions this year.


8. Banana Leaf Invites

Although this won’t be a huge trend followed by the masses, the addition of banana leafs is a sure fire way to sticking on trend. Be sure to check out the Beverly Hills Hotel for endless inspiration on the trend and don’t be afraid to carry the pattern throughout your big day!


9. Essential Hair Pieces

For the bohemian bride or the girl who looks for the final touches to bring her day together, you certainly cannot overlook the addition of a beautiful hair piece. Be it an overstated floral design or a delicate Samantha Wills headband (we stock them in store!!!), you’ll be sure to impress from head to toe.


10. Mix-matched Bridesmaids

Gone are the days of symmetry and perfection – but a warm welcome to the crazy popular new bridesmaid trend of 2017! Mix-match bridesmaid gowns are going to be a big hit in 2017 and this is a great way to ensure your whole bridal party feels comfortable and beautiful in their gowns. You can choose to mix shapes, fabrics, colour tones, or all of the above! We love the addition of sparkles for a touch of 1920’s glamour.


11. Marble details

As gold accents enjoy another huge year, we look forward to welcoming a new trend for 2017: marble details! For an effortless addition to add texture and variety to your reception wedding decor, consider adding a touch of marble (which works perfectly with rose gold!)

Little White Boutique Australia

12. Delicate Beadwork

Along with slinky, sexy gowns in 2017, we will also see a huge influx of intricate beadwork to replace and/or compliment lace. Our favourite in-store designer, Rosa Clara, has been a pioneer of this trend and comes all the way from Barcelona, Spain. The beadwork on these gowns are second to none, prompting us to expand our collection of RC gowns in 2017.

source 1 2

13. Outdoor receptions

Indoors or outdoors? The risk seems to be worth taking in 2017! Many receptions this year will be held in outdoor settings – on farms, in barns, inside outdoor marquees and private gardens. Get ready to source your own special spot – the more secretive and unattainable, the better!

Little White | Wedding Trends 2017


14. Grey & Green

Another colour palette we’re loving this year is the introduction of warm greys to bring a little understated elegance to wedding receptions. Add a touch of sparkle and you’re on the money!

Little White Boutique Australia

15. Hair Braids

Another hair trend that seems to be sticking around this year is the oversized hair braid – pulled apart for that effortless, bohemian beauty.


16. Botanical Flowers

Prim and proper is certainly on the outs for 2017 and this trend is surprisingly even carrying through to the bouquet! This year we expect to see more neutral, earth tones, and a mixture of native flowers.


17. Help Yourself Drink Stations

What better way to get the party started than to introduce a help yourself drink station!? From beer kegs to lemonade stands, there are plenty of ways to create an interactive experience for your wedding guests. A DIY bar is just the beginning!


18. Tree Lighting

Another trend carrying over in to 2017 is the vintage-inspired look of fairy lights featuring heavily inside and hanging off trees at the reception. This is a great way to bring a little magic to your wedding reception and create an impossible-to-forget night for your guests.


19. Candid Snaps

With so many trends comes plenty of planning, but one thing you can overlook this year is the structure and style of your wedding photography! Candid snaps are all the rage in 2017 and will give you the perfect memories of your special day.


20. White, White Wedding!

If you’ve been asking yourself the question, the answer is YES! The top trend we’re loving in 2017 is to dress your maids in white and enjoy a white, white wedding. Playing with textures is key here (lace, sparkles, or both!)