The Unspoken Rules Every Bridesmaid Should Follow

From not making an appointment at the bridal boutique to getting kicked off a flight to Vegas, we learned a few key lessons from the film Bridesmaids, that remains the original (and the best) flick to watch with the girls on pre-wedding night. But if you’re looking to prevent these mistakes and kick butt at your bridesmaids duties, here are a few unspoken rules every bridesmaid should follow!


You don’t have to say yes, especially if you’re not invested

Being a bridesmaid is a pretty thankless, time-giving task. There’s no denying the big day is about the Bride, so for all the hard work you’re about to put in, you’d better be prepared to walk away empty handed.


Be ready to spend money

It’s no secret that weddings are expensive, so you’d better bet you’ll be forking out some of your own do’ to be a part of the big day. Be it the planning of a Bridal Shower or Hens Party, your job as a bridesmaid is to make the Bride comfortable without any hassle of money woes.


Be a Sounding Board 

Sometimes girls just want to talk it out – not necessarily to come to a conclusion or make a decision, just to get it out there! A key job for bridesmaids that is often overlooked is to be a sounding board, ready to listen to the ups and downs of planning a wedding and prepared to give sound advice.


Don’t go MIA 

In the lead up to the big day you’d better be prepared to be on call. Bridesmaids are there for the bride on their big day, but should also make themselves available the month before the wedding for all those last minute preparations.


The Original Tribe

Don’t complain about the dress

Everyone wants to look their best on the big day, but the only one who gets a free card to complain is the bride herself. Bridesmaids should be willing to wear whatever the bride chooses, but be sure to make yourself known if you are uncomfortable with the choice on the day of choosing (not when its too late!)


Don’t post pictures of the Bride on social media

An easy slip up to make, bridesmaids often get so excited on the big day that they’re jumping up and down to share snaps of the beautiful bride. Just remember the unwritten rule, that brides reserve the first chance to post a photo and share with their friends + family before you do.


Do put a lot of effort in to a great shindig 

As a bridesmaid, your key role on the big day is to make sure the party is started, and lasts all the way in to the evening! Be prepared to be the first on the dance floor and to keep the party alive – the bridal party should BE the party!


Don’t get (too) drunk

And last but not least… know your limits! There should be no tears other than tears of joy and don’t forget to make yourself available on the night to deal with last minute issues, accompany your bride to the bathroom and to be present during speeches. Chin chin!