How to Address Wedding Invitations

Wondering how to properly address your wedding invitees to correctly adhere to invitation etiquette!? We’ve got the ultimate guide for you! From leaving out first names to the correct titles, here is your complete guide to follow proper invitation etiquette.


The Outer Envelope

As a general rule, the outer envelope is where the invitation should be the most formal. Here you should address your guests with their title and full names, whereas you can choose to forego titles and last names on the invitation itself. Typically this is for guests you are very close to, but many brides will still opt for formalities on the invitation itself.


Mr. John Devon and Mrs. Samantha Devon


Mr. and Mrs. Devon

If the couple is married but with different last names

Mr. John Devon and Mrs. Samantha Langley


Mr. Devon and Mrs. Langley

If the couple are not married but live together

Typically an unmarried couple who live together will have a separate line each, as follows:

Mr. John Devon

Mrs. Samantha Langley

Doctors and Distinguished Titles

Guests with specific titles such as doctors, judges, reverands and so on will warrant an address with their formal title, such as:

The honorable John Williams and Mrs. Jane Williams

Children and Families

If you are inviting children as guests with their parents, the below is appropriate:

Mr. and Mrs. Williams

James, Charles, Miss Sophie & Miss Annie

Children older than 18 years

Children above the age of 18 are classified as adults, so be sure to provide them with their own invitation, unless they are living at home with their parents. Example:

Miss Sophie Williams

Note: If you do not include children on the wedding invitation, it will be assumed that they are not invited.

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