How to Address Wedding Invitations

Wondering how to properly address your wedding invitees to correctly adhere to invitation etiquette!? We’ve got the ultimate guide for you! From leaving out first names to the correct titles, here is your complete guide to follow proper invitation etiquette.


The Outer Envelope

As a general rule, the outer envelope is where the invitation should be the most formal. Here you should address your guests with their title and full names, whereas you can choose to forego titles and last names on the invitation itself. Typically this is for guests you are very close to, but many brides will still opt for formalities on the invitation itself.


Mr. John Devon and Mrs. Samantha Devon


Mr. and Mrs. Devon

If the couple is married but with different last names

Mr. John Devon and Mrs. Samantha Langley


Mr. Devon and Mrs. Langley

If the couple are not married but live together

Typically an unmarried couple who live together will have a separate line each, as follows:

Mr. John Devon

Mrs. Samantha Langley

Doctors and Distinguished Titles

Guests with specific titles such as doctors, judges, reverands and so on will warrant an address with their formal title, such as:

The honorable John Williams and Mrs. Jane Williams

Children and Families

If you are inviting children as guests with their parents, the below is appropriate:

Mr. and Mrs. Williams

James, Charles, Miss Sophie & Miss Annie

Children older than 18 years

Children above the age of 18 are classified as adults, so be sure to provide them with their own invitation, unless they are living at home with their parents. Example:

Miss Sophie Williams

Note: If you do not include children on the wedding invitation, it will be assumed that they are not invited.

Invitations & Stationary:

At Little White we offer the Janice Paper stationary service to our brides for an additional fee. Take a look here to view some of our invites. Prices range from $3-$7 per invitation set.

The Top 8 Wedding Trends in 2018

What a busy and exciting start to the year it has been at Little White HQ here in Launceston! We have felt incredibly honoured to play a part in so many bridal journeys this past year and it is so exciting to see so many of our brides walking out the door with their dream gown in tow, after a 6-12 month journey since we first met with them at their first visit to the boutique.

With the 2018 season in full swing and more brides than ever travelling from around the state to visit our boutique, we wanted to take the time to pinpoint and share the top bridal trends we are seeing this year. Whether this helps you to know your wedding is on trend or inspires a few new ideas in the planning process, we hope you enjoy hearing about where the bridal trends are heading this season!


Our gown: Stevie by MWL

1. Boho Brides

The biggest trend we are seeing this year is the continued domination of boho-style gowns! The past two seasons this trend has been on the rise, but now more than ever we are seeing so many of our LW Brides seeking a relaxed silhouette with a strong 1970’s resurgence totally taking place! Within this trend we are seeing many of our girls opt for separates, particularly when combining fabric textures.

Designer we stock & suggest for this trend: Made With Love





image via SMP

2. Mix n Match Bridesmaids

Another trend we are seeing carry on from 2017 and cement itself in the wedding scape this year is to mix n match your maids. This is a really thoughtful way to approach your bridal parties’ interest in your big day, to ensure everyone feels valued and cared for with their own personality in the mix. We’re so excited to see you and your maids in our brand new “MAIDS PARLOUR!”

Designer we stock & suggest for this trend: Dessy

Wedding Trends 2018

3. Graphic Lace

Last year we introduce Made With Love to our growing list of designers and boy was it a great decision by our buying team! So many of our gorgeous brides have travelled from across Tassie to try on these gowns and for those walking down the aisle in a graphic lace gown this year, we salute you! This trend is one of our handpicked faves for the season.


image via Inside Weddings

4. Navy, Grey, Blush Bridesmaids

In terms of colour palettes for the maids, we’re seeing a continuation on last year’s navy and grey theme, with a splash of blush thrown in the mix. Our maids parlour has accordingly been restocked with an entire range of these colour palettes, with almost the entire Dessy range now in store!


5. Fitted Gowns

With boho bridal trends here to stay, we’re loving the rise of relaxed, fitted gowns with stretchy fabrics that make them perfect for dancing the night away with your wedding guests! One of the reminders we’re always telling our brides is to pick something you can dance in and have fun, as this will be the most memorable night of your life so you will want to break it down on the dance floor!

Wedding Trends 2018

image via Hello May

6. Industrial Spaces & Exclusive Farm Estates

Move over traditional event halls and spaces: we’re all about the exclusive estates and space conversions in 2018! One of the most defining factors (aside from the dress, of course) of your big day is the space where the event is held. We urge you to think outside the box in 2018, be that through discovering somewhere new or completely reimaging an old favourite and converting the space into something brand new.

Wedding Trends 2018

image via Rhiannon Bosse 

7. Focus on Vertical Space

Speaking of event spaces, a trend we know is here to stay comes in the form of vertical installations, be those floral, lights, or both! We’re so fortunate to have a growing list of stylists here in Tassie who can make your wedding dreams come true. We recommend: Bek Burrows, Adorn Event Planning, Ask & Brade Bespoke and Event Avenue.

via Matchbox Kitchen

8. Naked Cakes

Long live the naked cake! Many of our brides this year know Brooke’s passion project is designing and making wedding cakes, as many of you have convinced her to make yours on the side! This year Brooke says “it’s all about the naked cake for my brides this year, it’s all I have been asked to make!” This of course takes many shapes and forms and can be highly customised, also giving brides an affordable alternative to the wedding cake. Brooke’s cakes range from $200-$400 for naked creations and are priced by the size of the wedding and number of tiers.

We’re Hiring: Bridal Stylist

Do you love bridal and everything weddings? We just may have the dream job for you!
As Little White has continued to grow so much over the past few months, so have the number of brides travelling from across the state to visit our beautiful store!
We are excited to share that is now time for us to expand our team with two casual positions for Bridal Stylists.
  • Casual Bridal Stylist
  • Saturdays and some weekdays in high season (Jan-April)
  • Passion for the wedding industry and all things bridal
  • Attention to detail
  • High level of organisation & time management
  • Understanding of Instagram, Facebook, Emails
  • Personal style to rival Anna Wintour
  • Please send your resume and cover letter to Tania:
  • Applications will close at 3:00pm January 31st

LW BRIDE // Lauren + Gabe

Lauren and Gabe || LITTLE WHITE BRIDELittle_White_Weddings


Lauren + Gabriel

Ceremony location: Entally Estate, Hadpsen on the Homestead side. We got married under a 100-year old cedar tree that was truly stunning. Our guests had drinks and nibbles on picnic blankets in the garden between the ceremony and reception.

Reception location: Entally Estate on the Rutherglen side – it was really great to keep the wedding all on one site, it meant working with only one business to plan for the day, plus our guests were able to navigate easily between the ceremony and reception. We had dinner the night before our wedding in the restaurant with the bridal party, and many of our guests stayed the night with us in the Lodge and grabbed breakfast together at the café the next day.

Dress / Designer: Allure Bridal 9068

Lauren + Gabe || LITTLE WHITE Little_White_Weddings

Photographer: Fiona Vail – we absolutely loved her intimate, relaxed storytelling style. Fiona was VERY pregnant when she shot our wedding and we still feel fortunate that she was able to capture our special day before she had her little one.

Videographer: I wanted a videographer and Gabe didn’t – so we flipped a coin for it! Ian’s videography was discreet and unobtrusive, to the point where we actually forgot he was there. We loved the way he captured the raw, real moments of our wedding day. Ian was one of the details which we are both so glad we went with – we’ve watched his video many times with friends and family since our wedding, and it has made a special keepsake.

Make-up: Tanisha Koops – I asked for a natural look with luminous, glowing skin, something a little bit special but not too different from my everyday look. When I looked in the mirror after Tanisha worked her magic, I was a little overwhelmed! I felt beautiful in how she had painted my face.

Hair: Bianca Hannah – Bianca has been a friend for years and was a big part in keeping my nerves at bay on the day! I absolutely loved how she styled my unruly hair in to long, flowing curls.

Bridesmaids wore: Adrinna Papell – my sister Maddy chose a dress she loved, her ‘Serena’ dress (for any Gossip Girl fans out there!)

Shoes: Tony Bianco – I’m a long-time fan of Tony’s and it felt right to wear a pair of his shoes on our wedding day. I chose nude shoes that were suggested by a friend. They were comfortable and perfect for dancing and I’ve worn them again and again since our wedding.

Jewellery: Samantha Wills – I love Samantha’s boho style and when I spotted my earrings online I knew they were what I wanted.

Flowers: Outside Wholesale flowers – I wanted an unstructured, medium size bouquet. Leading up to the wedding I fell in love with spinning gum, proteas and moody florals, which featured in my bouquet.

Styling: That Old Chestnut (now ‘Brad and Ash Bespoke’). Our designers were one of the first things we knew we wanted for our wedding. They were incredible to work with – excellent communication, patient and professional. They really made our vision of a botanical ‘outdoor wedding indoors’ come to life.

Groom’s & Groomsmen outfits: Roger David. The groomsmen lived out of state, so having a business that had stores nationally made the whole process very easy.

Celebrant: Sarah Rookes – Sarah is a relative of a friend and was so helpful with our creation of the ceremony. We knew we were after a relaxed, intimate and personal ceremony and Sarah was accommodating of that. She was also a big help to Gabe as he was waiting for me to walk down the aisle (15 minutes late!)

How many guests attended your wedding? 90

What month was your wedding? March

How was the weather on your wedding day? It was reasonably cool, the sun came out right before the ceremony which made it perfect weather for an outdoor wedding.

In one sentence, how would you best describe your wedding style? Natural, a mixture between boho and vintage. I didn’t really subscribe to a particular style, I just made choices that helped me feel confident and comfortable on the day.

What surprised you about the bridal gown shopping experience? That I found so many dresses I really liked – it was hard for me to chose just one! I don’t believe in ‘the one’ perfect dress.

What advice would you pass on to your maids’ for their bridal shopping experience? Go with your gut – there are so many blogs and magazines out there with bridal trends and styles, ultimately go with something you feel luxe and comfortable in.